Somewhere, you can be sure, Chidiya Udd is a 6 year old’s favourite game.


The game is played with excitement, laughs and a whole lot of fun, and this is the spirit that my art studio - Chidiya Udd also attempts to celebrate. The words Chidiya Udd literally mean, ‘fly away little bird’, and I hope to pay homage to the indefatigable human spirit with stories from the commonplace of everyday living and the myriad tiny moments that make life and dreams.

At Chidiya Udd I create art; ranging from childrens’ literature, gender and social communication to commissioned works for individuals, NGO’s and other organizations. And with the vibrant daubs of colour, texture and form, I hope to find that little piece of open, blue sky.

Kavita Arvind



Art for Concern at the Chancery Pavillion, held by Concern India Foundation; where 75 emerging and established artists exhibited their works. Bangalore, December 2008

Chidiya Udd, solo art exhibition at the Alliance Francaise, Bangalore, October 2008





Graduate Diploma in Film and Video Communication, 2000, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad