Birdie Numnums

Paper birdies on paper sticks... I saw some of these from Pamela Garrison's work and loved them! They look deceptively easy to make, but I struggled quite a bit with the paper armatures for these! I think they will make lovely return gifts at kiddie parties. I could even make fairy wands or planes, strange bugs on sticks! Much excitement!

Ting-a-ting-ting Leila

leila. i love cows. i love the way they hang around busy traffic intersections looking like they are high on something. leila is the cow that i draw often and i don't care if she doesn't look desi enough! so there! my leila is a mix of a jersey heifer and the gaay. i have drawn her plenty of times, it was fun to give her flesh and haunches! i made leila with an empty tuna fish can and newpaper. the bell is an old rusty thing that i painted blue. well... go on then... mooooooooooo!

this little piggy

this little piggy is made using a different method. i looked at Jonni Good's work and learnt that i should probably make an armature first. i made this little piggy's armature using crumpled newspaper and an empty yakult bottle (Little Thing drinks one a day, so i have a collection). i then layered it with newspaper and flour paste. let that dry and then layered again with torn paper from brown paper bags. i added ears with cardboard from a pizza box and this is how this little piggy looked.

then some of my favorite blue wash, i liked keeping the wash thin so some of the brown paper looked through and then sprinkled some bright flowers on this little piggy.

ek chidiya

working with paper has been a rush! i am trying to teach myself papier mache. the last time i may have done some must have been as a kid. I remember making terrible messes. And poor ma indulged me, while cringing inwardly at all the extra work she had to do cleaning up.

of course i had to begin with this little birdie. chidiya has turned out very rudimentary. i used paper pulp to make her and then painted over with acrylics.