I've been tagged by Ankit. It's a game of blog tag. Where bloggers tag fellow bloggers with an assignment, and the blogger then has to tag someone else. My friend Ankit tagged me. The house rules: * Each person tagged has to write random facts/habits about themselves. * Those that are tagged will have to write a post on their own blog (about their twelve things) * At the end of your blog, you need to choose two other people to get tagged and list their names. * Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

My 12 random thingummies: 1. Unless all the furniture, stationary, stuff, cushions, dabbas, randomness are not arranged in neat right angles, I get ulcers. 2. I love making extensive to-do lists and ticking off things I have done with a fat, black pen. 3. I am obssesed with my hair/or lack of it :( 4. I go crazy in food stores, I love buying tons and tons of food and stocking my fridge. I have a huge fridge which I paid big bucks for just to do this. 5. I secretly think that I must have been an Egyptian in my past life. I am deeply fascinated by the pyramids. 6. I have 6 lovely saris hanging untouched in my cupboard. I take them out, look at them and put them back. 7. I was always cast as a boy in all my school plays. I had a 'boy-cut' till I was in 9th standard. 8. I am deeply terrified of horror films and spiders. I will not watch Arachnephobia even if I was paid gazillions (of euros). 9. Every single time I order a fruit juice... it has to be Mosambi juice. 10. I have always wanted to learn to bake. A quasi Vianne Rocher (Juliet Binoche in Chocolat) of sorts. A french accent would also be nice. 11. I am crazy about freshly, brewed filter coffee. I drink upto 3 cups a day. 12. My dream is to have a house with a shingle roof, vegetable garden with a wide, comfy jhoola.

So these were my 12 random things. I now tag Shami and Shreyas.