'Eyelet It Be' at the Lakme Fashion Week at Mumbai, 2008

Here's an illustration for Anuj's new collection of whacky clothes. The garments use eyelets. He wanted an illustration that would go with his write-up-tag with the garment.
I did these explorations first. We wanted an illustration that would go with the line 'eyelet it be'.
I wanted the concepts to reflect Anuj's attitude to life and work in general as well.
The eyes would have actual eyelets stuck into them.

We took the tangled hair concept further.

And then i put in some stars and dots and eyelets.

Yesterday was Anuj's show at the Lakme India Fashion Week in Mumbai, here are some shots of his collection. He got the illustration printed on cloth and tells me that along with his clothes (which without doubt are quite genius and were a great hit! Kudos!!), the illustration was well recieved too!!

And here is the man himself! I got the tresses right huh?!