The search continues for the perfect 2 pre-schoolers! More Sid and Sonyas... this time with some background to help sit them in a context! Fun stuff coming up... working on t-shirts for parents! Will put pics up soon!

This is the Sid that I like, a little nerdy thing, naughty. and the blue chashma is just what I would like to wear!

I see that most boys are crazy about engines... I know atleast 2 who think, eat, sleep engines and one particularly gabloo boy who is so into dinosaurs that he walks like one, even eats his food like one and makes very eerie, guttural roars and growls!

I like this one too... the nature loving, apple eating kind that only exists in fiction!

This one is my second favorite. The boots and umbrella were requested by LT (Little Thing). She also insists that I draw smiles on everything I draw, even cups and things.

This Sonya is in the tops. Everyone seems to like her. I like her because she knows how to use a catapult!

Hmmm... another Sonya. The skippy, happy type, who likes flowers, butterflies and pink (sheeesh!). This is LT's favorite.