The Moon & The Sun

A friend has written a story in verse about a little moon who wants to be the sun. And I went and quickly ordered my nice new box of cretacolor dry pastels! This project is just the perfect opportunity to teach myself working with pastels. I have tried using them when in design school, but never did get them right. I am still struggling with the medium! But I love the way the pastels smooth-en onto the paper and are so easy to craft with your fingers... and yet difficult exactly for the same reason!

Also been looking at Axel Scheffler's work and falling in love with it! Love the knobbly noses and the bug eyes, the little brick houses and profusion of animals and people in his pictures!

Big smile on my face, paint stains on my fingers and clothes, uncombed hair and a crick in my neck from all that stooping... but happy, happy, happy!