box of party things

for my little one's birthday i went a little overboard making things! i hate the crap that is available here for chidren's birthdays... the same old disney cartoon characters in crappy materials that are unsuitable for little children in the first place. i also wanted to recycle stuff as much as possible. i have used recycled paper for all the little products, and used up the scraps as well. the theme was wild animals and i had fun making these.

i didn't want to put in the rubber band or elasticy thing that masks have, i have seen little kids struggling with the masks and getting a nasty sting from the elastic, so these have colourful wooden sticks instead!

party hats with ribbons. pink was the popular color among the girls (sigh). big happy paper flowers!

return gifts. i made these little boxes with recycled paper and the tags were printed out. the boxes contained a wooden animal bookmark, a card and some chocolates.

toothpicks for the fruit chaat. i cut out some tulips with a regular stamp cutter and stuck them on with PVC glue. these little details were loved by the kids (and the fruits were all eaten!)

i repackaged these yakult bottles with paper scraps and bits. these contained strawberry-banana smoothies. i think the kids drank the 'healthy' smoothies only because the bottles looked like this!

the party table all done up! the cake and mini muffins are made at home by a very talented friend! i am liking making things. i have been working with paper and used up stuff like cartons/empties of all kinds/cans. pics coming up soon!