Kauppatori Nibbles

The market square near the harbour is vibrant. Ferries leave from here to island fortress of Suomenlinna. The local name for this market square is Kauppatori. Squawking sea gulls, little stalls with old women with lined, papery, wintery faces knitting away, selling hand knitted mitts and caps and other woolly things. Little reindeer dolls, fridge magnets and faux fur capes, hand carved wooden tea cups, flowers and of course food!

Reindeer meatballs, fried fish, with potatoes and vegetables on the side topped with a generous dollop of garlic sauce.




Reindeer meat is not at all like I imagined it to be. I am usually very picky about non vegetarian food, but I must admit I liked the stuff on my plate. Okay... further admission, I like everything on my plate these days. And I have begun to pick it clean!