Finland Summer Bug

I am in Finland, and if I still dont get around to writing... then I really need a rap on my knuckles!  So I am hoping for one post a day, or even a picture, something that helps me get my head around all the new sights, smells and tastes that envelop me every single day! Or just plain old simple living with all its little mundane spots. Anything at all... one post a day. Should not be too tough! DSC03600

I am intrigued by the lovely little balconies that every house proudly puts on display. And they do, gorgeous flowers, little sit outs, umbrellas and little things tastefully arranged to give that delicious snug feeling. Much as I would love to stop and take a picture, I think the Finns would really not take to it. So I resist and walk on but I cant help but stare. I have my eye on a big bunch of sunflowers I spied the other day at the market square. Must buy one and arrange it in my kitchen and look at it lovingly all day!