Book on Women - First of the Series

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Some of the pictures from my latest work, a book on the history of women's movement for rural and semi urban readers. The narrative evolves around 7 women who meet and talk about different concepts, life and what it is like to be a woman in today's India.


The book is scattered with debates, songs and poems.




I found the text quite bold and rather well written. There are references to Mira, Sita... debates about the 'nobility' of Ram who stood by as his wife had to undergo a trial by fire.





These 3 illustrations are some of the final options I arrived at for some text on patriarchy. The client and I had a hard time getting this one right. The concept of patriarchy is more easily explained with words, putting it down into a defined visual proved not very easy. Especially because pictures can be interpreted in so many ways... but then that's what is rather magical about visual language I suppose.


A few of the motifs and borders that will be scattered around in the book.

This is the first of 4 books. And it is exciting to be part of something that you know will lend to some change however small, but significant nevertheless.