Cat Tales

I am working on a series of art works for a friend. It's called 'Cats on Chairs', for no other exceptional reason other than they are pictures of exactly that... cats on chairs.

This is my first work as a commissioned artist and I feel nice and fluffed about it. Thought I should share some of the initial sketches with you dear reader (so far and few).

To start with I dont really like cats. They are far too independent for me. I like dogs and the way the hanker after you and make you feel so important. But I have always liked the form of the cat... slithering, slinky and so terribly sexy.

So the work is about black cats. Cats are interesting creatures, and I quite like the way they keep you guessing about their affections actually.

And these are the colours for one of the paintings. I am using poster paints and water soluble colour pencils on normal cartridge paper. I need to bring in more textures, perspective and depth into this piece. But this is how it looks as of now.

I am having fun. I went to William Penn at Koramangala today and spent the better part of an hour looking for art material. Got my hands on some lovely. Derwent, coloured charcoal pencils and some lovely paper. Life is good.