a quick call

i quit my job in three weeks…
yes. just like that. that’s the time it took me to figure that this is not what i wanted to be doing. and there is really no point in doing something that your soul does not feel good about, is there?
i discovered some interesting things about myself over these 3 weeks.
i can’t do something that I don’t feel truly passionate about.
i cannot take orders easily.
artifice of any kind gives me ulcers.
my priorities are very simply my home and my loved ones.
i cannot, simply cannot sell/work for anything/anyone who endorses fairness creams and alcohol, dependency and dreams.
i need to write, write, write.
i am too old to unlearn.
i don’t want to chase after money.

i want the simpler things of life. a cheerful countenance, a happy home, time to linger, time to listen and contemplate…
and that’s where I am going.
again I am reminded of this quote by buckminster fuller “how often i found where i should be going only by setting out for somewhere else.”